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SM & Your Eyecare Business: Social eMail Explodes on the Scene - Lesson 63

2010 was the year social email exploded in the eye care industry. What is social email? Social email is an email which features additional functionality. More »

SM & Your Eyecare Business: “Media” is Only Half the Battle - Lesson 61

Is it possible to fit a patient in contact lenses without interacting with them? I may not win an argument if I argue that it can’t be done, but I bet more than 90% of my readers would agree with me that it shouldn’t be done. I would also opine that the more personal interaction I have with my patients, the higher their opinion is of my clinical skills and bedside manner. In a similar vein, I’ve heard the question time and time again; "I want to incorporate social media marketing for my eyecare business, but who can run a campaign for me?" More »

SM & Your Eyecare Business: Katango - Lesson 60

When comparing Facebook to Google+, there is much talk about the ability in Google+ to easily create isolated groups of friends, label them and access them. Katango is an app that changes the game. Katango automatically organizes your friends into these groups – it can scan your Facebook friends list and sort people into groups based on shared connections. More »

SM & Your Eyecare Business: The ‘Internet of Things’ - Lesson 59

A Chilean teenager came up with an idea for an earthquake alarm system that sends out a “tweet” (Twitter message) when an earthquake hits (@AlarmaSismos) He bought a domestic earthquake detector for o More »

SM & Your Eyecare Business: Goodbye Blogs – Get Ready to “Percolate”! - Lesson 58

In my book “Searchial Marketing” I wrote about Glazier’s Rule which states - “You can never create too much content as long as it benefits others more than it benefits you.” More »

SM & Your Eyecare Business: Group Dynamically, Share Selectively; Collapsed Social Networks - Lesson 55

In the not-too-distant future, we will look back on the evolution of social media suites in a manner analogous to how we can already look back on the evolution of the world wide web (web 1.0 morphing into web 2.0 morphing into web 3.0). More »

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