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SM & Your Eyecare Business: Your Online Image; Creating and Broadcasting - Lesson 52

When using social media to market your business, nothing is more important than the image you project. More »

SM & Your Eyecare Business: The Referral Baton and Rank & Ratings in Search - Lesson 51

In the past, potential patients were more likely to request doctor referrals from colleagues than they are today. More »

SM & Your Eyecare Business: How Data Drives Social Media Innovation - Lesson 50

While the internet creates opportunities for companies to profit based on traditional revenue streams, such as sales of products and services, it also creates new opportunities, case in point - More »

SM & Your Eyecare Business: Re-Wrapping Your Head Around The Social-Media Thing - Lesson 49

So it's been almost two years since you were peripherally made aware of social media and about More »

SM & Your Eyecare Business: Social Walkie-Talkie Apps - Lesson 47

Walkie-talkies, also known as hand-held transceivers are two-way radio transceivers developed during World War II. More »

SM & Your Eyecare Business: Monitoring Your Social World - Lesson 46

If you put yourself out there, people are talking about you. In many cases, even if you aren’t out there people are talking about you and sometimes it ain’t pretty. An important part of a social media strategy is monitoring your brand online. More »

SM & Your Eyecare Business: Building Trust - Maximizing Social Media for Business - Lesson 45

Trust – a key component to your brick-and-mortar business – is also a key component of your social media strategy for business. More »

SM & Your Eyecare Business: Elevating Your Business Profile on Facebook - Lesson 44

The Facebook page is quickly becoming an important piece of web real estate for the small business. More »

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