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SM & Your Eyecare Business: Online Reputation Control – Lesson 14


Something is happening online that you need to be aware of. People are talking about you and your business using social networking and review sites like Yelp and Yahoo local. Sitting on the sidelines, not wrapping your head around it and refusing to pay attention to what’s being said about your business will hurt your marketing efforts… not to mention your bottom line.

If someone posts something negative about your small business, you CAN defend yourself. You might not ever be able to get the comments retracted, but you can:

• Contact the person and attempt to fix the problem, just like you would an unhappy customer in your store,
• Dilute bad reviews with positive reviews from customers you know would give you a favorable rating, and
• Comment alongside the bad review yourself, or with the help of a professional marketing expert, so your comment is believable and well received.

But note - The only one who can remove a review is the person who posted it, so be sure if you choose to contact them you do it gingerly and be prepared to offer them something to make things right.

Remember, you are the only one who is going to be able to defend your reputation, enhance your reputation by interacting socially in this new environment and maintain your internet presence professionally; so you take advantage of as many opportunities as you can.

The world of social media is an excellent place to do your own PR and sometimes that involves promoting yourself, and other times that involves defending yourself. The most important thing to remember is to take the high road when defending yourself against bad posts, adopt an “I’m going to fix this” attitude or even if you have to eat a little crow.

Before social media, one unhappy customer would maybe tell 10 people about their bad experience; now, one unhappy customer can spread their venom to thousands of people about your business easily with the click of a keyboard and mouse.

It’s a new world out there, but some of the same tenets of high level customer service still apply – you can’t take down a bad post and you can’t retract a bad response, so be careful what you say, use kid gloves and if ultimately you can’t make it right by them… dilute the bad review as much as you can with positive reviews.

- Alan N. Glazier, OD, FAAO
Shady Grove Eye and Vision Care
Rockville, MD

Twitter Handle: @EyeInfo

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