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SM & Your Eyecare Business: Social Media Monitoring Tools – Lesson 38


Remember six years ago, when the tenet “one happy patient will tell two people about your business but one unhappy patient will tell 10” still held? With the social web, one negative sentiment can be broadcast to thousands… but just as damaging as this medium can be, it can be helpful as well.

A marketing strategy for a modern business involves monitoring your brand, and nowhere is more important to monitor your brand than online. Whether you desire to be part of the social web or not, you are and so is your business. Just because you decline to participate in a social suite like Facebook or Twitter doesn’t mean your brand/business isn’t being talked about. What is being said about your business is valuable strategic information.

If it’s positive information, it is appropriate, helpful and even necessary to thank whoever posts it and return the favor by familiarizing yourself with their content and helping to promote it. Positive information is also valuable in that it helps you see what you are doing right and capitalize on it in other creative ways If it’s negative information, it is important to reach out to the dissatisfied customer and offer whatever it takes to regain their trust, or at the very least incentivize them to remove the comment in whatever way might be appropriate.

Just like positive information, negative information posted on the social web can help you make your practice a better place by changing behaviors, policy or perhaps staff that might be causing people to get a negative impression of your business. Another strategic business application of monitoring the social web is to use it to see what people in your area are saying about your competitors.

Tools exist to monitor your brand and the brands of others online. Use these tools to find out what patients are saying about you, your practice or your brand. An incredibly useful list of free tools was published by Steve Farnsworth, chief digital strategist at Jolt Social Media (@Steveology on Twitter). He works with high tech companies to increase brand loyalty and shorten the sale’s cycles by effectively engaging their customers and stakeholder.

To review his list go to 20 Free Social Media Monitoring Tools to Find Your Brand

- Alan N. Glazier, OD, FAAO
Shady Grove Eye and Vision Care
Rockville, MD

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