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The New World Order: Powering Up B2B Online Ordering

11/14/2011 0 Comments

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NEW YORK—The world of optical B2B online ordering is changing rapidly. The advent of internet portals such as Eyefinity and VisionWeb and websites operated by large distribution groups, as well as a growing roster of suppliers, are giving ECPS new tools to better manage the online ordering process. Read The New World Order to find out how some of optical’s leading B2B companies are making it more efficient and cost-effective than ever to source frames, lenses and other products online. Also, read what ECPs have to say about making online ordering part of their daily routine and to find out what role it plays a role in their practices and which features they like best. Look for Part 2 of the New World Order next month, when VM will explore some suppliers’ own website/B2B ordering options.

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