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Spectacle Shoppers Don’t ‘Add to Cart’

03/18/2011 0 Comments

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It’s no surprise that patients go online to shop before buying their glasses and contact lenses. But, do they in fact make their purchase online?

According to a VisionWatch study on the role of the Internet in Americans’ eyewear decisions and purchases, just 28% of people who shop online actually buy online.

The 2010 Vision Council VisionWatch Internet Influence Report was conducted in November 2010 and reflects responses of consumers who had purchased spectacles, sunglasses, contact lenses and/or readers within six months of the survey. Of the 9,293 participants, just 1.9% purchased readers online and 3.6% purchased non-prescription sunglasses online.

Contact lens purchases were much higher, however, with 15% of participants reporting purchasing contact lenses online.

These findings presents a good opportunity for eye care practitioners, says Gary Gerber, O.D., founder and senior consultant at

“O.D.s must step up to the plate and ensure that the in-office buying experience is so memorable that patients won’t return to the Internet for their next purchase. Or, if they do go back to the Net, it will be via a portal that the doctor provides,” Dr. Gerber says.

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Review of Optometry
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