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Young Males Are Most Popular Users of Action Sports Sunglasses, VC Report Says

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ALEXANDRIA, Va.—Ownership and usage of action sports sunglasses is most popular among men under the age of 45 participating in moto cross riding, snow skiing and snow boarding/tubing activities, according to a recent VisionWatch study by the Vision Council.

In an effort to gauge the popularity and use of action sports sunwear, in August the Vision Council interviewed 8,221 sunglass purchasers, 46 percent of whom had participated in an action sports activity in the past year. The ensuing Vision Council report titled Vision Watch 2011 Action Sports Sunglass Report revealed the following trends.

When asked favorite what their favorite action sport brand was, the majority, some 47 percent, said “they did not know.” However, of those that did insert a brand, Oakley was by far the most popular brand with 23 percent of respondents saying it was their favorite action sports sunglass. The second most popular brand cited was Ray Ban with 8 percent of respondents naming it as their go to brand.

Ownership of action sports sunglasses was highest among the same group that participation in action sports activates was highest—young males. Overall, 12 percent of respondents said they had purchased or owned action sports sunglasses. Among those under the age of 45, some 17 percent said they owned action sports sunglasses. Ownership was also higher among the higher income group with 15 percent saying they owned versus 10 percent saying they owned among the lower income group.

The most common sports to wear action sports sunglasses or goggles during were moto cross riding (37 percent), followed by snow skiing (31 percent), and snow boarding/tubing (30 percent). Surprisingly, while fishing was the most common form of action sports, it was one of the least common sports to wear action sports sunglasses.

As for income, region and education level, action sports participation was fairly well distributed among both higher and lower income households, according to the report.

When it came to purchasing trends, the most common places to buy action sports sunglasses were chain sporting goods retailers (18 percent) and local sporting goods retailers near the sporting activity (14 percent). Chains were especially popular among men, older consumers, more affluent consumers, and those in the Northeast. Online retailers were also a popular place to purchase action sports sunglasses with 15 percent turning to the internet to make a purchase. Among specific retail locations, Oakley’s The O Store was the most popular place to purchase action sports sunglasses.

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